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Open Water Swimming Mastery


Champion Mindset® Consulting in conjunction with HPS (Human Performance Specialists) has wide experience in providing executive coaching and mentoring to both individuals and corporate groups.

We have clients in a broad range of industries, including technology, financial services, manufacturing, retail, travel and education.

The Success through Strategy Programs are designed through 3 phases�..
Recognise, Replicate and Roadmap.

We provide added value with programs and trainings with the �how-to� in work attitude and motivation; communication and performance designed to your specific needs in your industry.

In summary the Champion Mindset® Consulting programs have a proven track record of delivering exemplary results;

  • 25% to 50% reduction in employee churn;
  • 30% improved sales closure rates;
  • Improved employee loyalty;
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

When people's attitudes are aligned to business values and goals their sense of purpose improves and job motivation increases.

Our personal approach and proven techniques can help your company identify the obstacles blocking your people's ability or desire to engage. Whether you're in a merger situation, facing challenges of staff turnover or simply want to beat job monotony, a thorough needs analysis will uncover the obstacles to success.


Our team delivers the Success through Strategy Programs with action-focused workshops developed around your identified team building, performance management, communication, leadership and change management needs.

Our coaches are skilled performance coaches, adept at working with key individuals within an organisation to maximise strengths and overcome performance-limiting behaviour. We take an action-centred approach and focus on the issues essential for success in the 'real' world.

Your team comes together to understand their individual and collective thought, attitude and motivational styles.

In-House Coach Training

We also provide in-house coach training to equip managers with the skills necessary to offer coaching within their own workplace.

Call Champion Mindset today on 1300 78 41 70 and find out how we can Champion your team�s performance!

Money Back Guarantee

Let the Clients Speak�

The Switzer Financial Services Group: "Shelley�s coaching program is incredible. She is an expert in engaging an audience and encouraging people to be the best they can be. In our weekly employee development meeting all our team said that seeing Shelley present was the best thing that had happened in their week." Marty Switzer, General Manager

Work Directions NSW: �After Shelley�s one day workshop with our long term unemployed (at least 5yrs) within 30 days 26% gained full time employment and 50% are still employed today.�

McInerney Ford WA: �Shelley motivated my sales team so much so we achieved our monthly targets within 24hrs after Shelley�s training.�

Onyx: �Onyx had increased its closure of contracts ratio by 30% by Shelley Taylor-Smith motivating buyers through the fear factor.�

"There is one thing that Shelley Taylor-Smith can teach better than anyone else I know....the power of persistence and sticking to your dream. Her commitment to 100% focus in taking action to create my future and the goals in my company was contagious! Believe her when she says she will train you to create your Champion mindset!" Patrick Lumbroso, CEO, Patcorp Power Business Systems Pty Ltd.

�When looking for someone to motivate the Australian Swim Team I wanted someone with a proven track record of success who would move the team out of their comfort zone. Shelley�s belief in both herself and the team created the best-ever results of an Australian Open Water Swim Team. Shelley's techniques are worth their weight in gold.� Australian Swim Team, Head Coach, Alan Thompson

15% of all profits of sales of �Dangerous When Wet� goes to the Esther Foundation

I gotta get a copy of Dangerous When Wet NOW!

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