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Open Water Swimming Mastery


"Your speech to our graduates was passionate, articulate and insightful. The delivery style was "down to earth" and the content was so interesting that you held our fascinated attention. Thank you for sharing the challenges you had experienced both during your speech and afterwards, when you spent time with our graduates."

Marea Phillips, Managing Director, Terasys Australia

"Shelley Taylor-Smith's passion for life is just as intense as her passion for swimming."

Laurie Lawrence

"After all the amazing feedback, I felt compelled to let you know how much you inspired and enthused our staff. Your facilitation was brilliant, your speeches were fantastic and we all walked out feeling 100% ready to turn our dreams into goals. I have never seen a group of 125 people so pumped up and ready to face any challenge that life throws at them. The way you inspired a room full of different personalities, cultures and age groups was truly amazing and everyone walked out to 'think like a champion'. You were truly unforgettable."

Carl Buerckner, Managing Director, Business Travel Australia 

"Shelley's performance was exceptional - the content of her address was relevant and conveyed our intended message in an informative, well presented format. Shelley's performance was a key ingredient to the success of our event."

Bob Piscitelli, CEO, GE Commercial

"Shelley's life is an inspiration and her presentation certainly had the desired effect - teaching our staff that anything is possible if you have the passion and determination to succeed. The feedback from all the participants at our sales conference was very positive. Shelley's account of her actual life experiences and triumphs had the audience captivated and it this ability to captivate the audience that gives her presentations real communicative power."

Paul Cullen, Manager Financial Services, St George Bank

"All her world records and title as 'World Marathon Swimming Champion' are somewhat understated when you consider throughout the history of mankind Shelley Taylor-Smith is the only female ever to have consistently defeated males in a physical event. She inspired our staff to focus on the outcome by teaching her outstanding asset of mental toughness, that is second to none!"

Tony Anderson, Managing Director, Laing & Simmons Real Estate

"The task of inspiring and motivating over 350 ladies, all from different walks of life, was always going to be difficult for even the most professional of people. All concern was soon dissipated when Shelley Taylor-Smith delivered what can only be described as a brilliant and personal presentation about Life...Dreams....Goals and Challenges, portrayed in such a way that the standing ovation was richly deserved. Shelley you set a standard that will be most difficult to meet in the future (so we will have to get you back)."

"Inspirational...Brilliant...Awesome...Powerful and Truly Professional were some of the comments from your audience. Congratulations and thank you for spending time afterwards to the many many people who wanted your book and to just talk to you. It was greatly appreciated."

Peter McDonald, St Anthony's in the Field Church

"Shelley's presentation to our Leadership Development program evoked powerful emotions and has provided a lasting impact on those of us who were privileged to hear her. She delivers her message in a compelling style, with her infectious energy and humour, a key ingredient. I was also impressed by her willingness to invest her own time with the group - prepared to speak well beyond the allocated time to her fascinated audience, and then to sit afterwards answering questions and joining in conversations with the staff."

Mark Sapford, Johnson & Johnson Medical

"Shelley amazed all present at the luncheon with her life experiences and achievements keeping the audience spellbound! The feedback was nothing less than I expected inspiring! WOW! Awesome! Fantastic! These were just some of the comments expressed by our clients. Shelley is a very articulate and energetic communicator. Shelley would be an asset at any event and we look forward to working with her at future events."

Mark Camilleri, National Manager, ONYX Software

"Your presentation totally amazed all present. Most of us have trouble getting out of bed each day for a warm shower, let alone an ocean full of jellyfish. For you to still have determination and the mental attitude to beat the best in the world despite the obstacles life has presented to you show just what dreams can achieve."

Chatswood Chamber of Commerce

"Shelley has a warm, genuine style that is very 'Australian'. Her message was personalised but adapted to our specific conference themes. Hence we have received terrific response from our team."

Pacific Access Pty Ltd (Yellow Pages)

"Her presentation was fantastic... feedback from all delegates very positive... fitted exactly with conference theme... 1st class presentation."

John Fleming, Regional Operations Manager, Unilever Australasia

"Wonderful! Excellent! Amazing! What an inspiration!" These are some of the words used by many members of our audience to me after your talk to them last Saturday. Judging from the response of the 2000-plus audience as you left the stage, I would not hesitate to say those words would be shared by everyone there. Not only was your talk well out together and delivered, but your story and the lessons coming from it regarding goal-setting, courage and persistence were both inspiring and appropriate to our function's theme."

McKenna Diamonds

"The audience was kept spellbound as Shelley shared her passion and life experiences. Her presentation was very professional, humorous and entertaining. So much so that the main topic of conversation the following day was Shelley Taylor-Smith and how inspirational her delivery had impacted on the audience and conference."

Sydney West Primary Principals

"I cannot remember a speaker who puts the high degree of passion into the delivery of key messages as you do. Our team walked away extremely motivated after gaining insight into your life, dreams, goals overcoming setbacks/challenges and the visualisation of personal achievements. It was awesome! As a result my team has already increased their sales calls."

Andrew Derijk, Roche Products Pty Limited

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation and the lasting memory you gave us. Your ability to communicate your experiences and make them relevant to all of us was very much appreciated. You fitted well into our theme 'Driven to Succeed' and I know all that attended were both motivated by what you shared with them and fascinated by the stories themselves."

John Walker, Managing Director, Thrifty Car Rental

"Our feedback rates your session as highly as any presentation I've ever seen. Thanks so much for your outstanding contribution to the 'Making It Happen' Conference."

Australian Financial Services

"Your session was extremely vivacious and kept the delegates on their toes. We recognise your presence and assistance, making a significant contribution to our conference. It is always difficult to find keynote speakers who can deliver a message and have an impact on the participants, your address was one of those presentations and the feedback was excellent."

Ray White Real Estate Pty Limited

"Thank you for your truly inspirational presentation at our conference. Your style of 'telling it the way it was' only added to your credit. I'm confident you have rekindled the 'passion' for many in the audience who were truly motivated by your presentation."

Australian Institute of Credit Union Management Limited

"There is one thing that Shelley can teach better than anyone one else I know.... the power of persistence and sticking to your dream. Her commitment to 100% focus and 100% action to create your future and the goals in your corporation is contagious! Believe her when she says she will train you to create YOUR Champion Mindset!"

Patrick Lumbroso, CEO, Patcorp Power Business Systems

"The passion in your story telling is very infectious that we found ourselves still talking about your inspirational presentation months after the conference."

Anna Romanelli, Total RISC Technology

"Shelley delivered her speech with such passion that it touched everyone. Many people were commenting on how inspiring she is, given what she has achieved and the obstacles she had to overcome in getting there. The key words 'follow your dreams' and 'believe in yourself' are still echoing in our minds."

Scott McKellar, President Shamrock Rugby Club

"For the second year in a row, the feedback was tremendously positive in the two presentations sharing your dream, the struggles and then the victories. Your good-humoured, down to earth approach and great attitude definitely struck a chord with our people."

Mike Taylor, Functions Manager, PB McKenna 'Diamonds' & Associates

"You showed us that dreams can become a reality if only you have desire, determination, set goals and above all believe that yes, I can do it if I try. Thank you so much, you inspired our team like no one before and it's unlikely any one will ever exceed what you achieved today."

John McCormack, Managing Director, Starr Partners Pty Limited

"Throughout her speech, Shelley held the 350 strong audience captivated. It was no great surprise when a number of the Academy athletes spoke to me afterwards and said that they felt inspired to achieve bigger and better things by Shelley's story. However, what did surprise me was the number of parents, Board members, and business people who approached me later to give me the same message."

Paul Taylor, CEO, South West Sydney Academy of Sport

"She has the ability to handle pain better than anybody else I've met. Most people in the world are in awe of her. When she stands there before a race she has an aura about her that can be formidable."

Graeme 'Grub' Carroll, Australian Swim Coach

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