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Your No-Risk, Unconditional, Money Back Guarantee

Shelley Taylor-Smith

Dear Friend,

When you order from Champion Mindset, I want you to feel you're getting your money's worth.

Your money-back, unconditional, no-guilt/no-risk guarantee is the fairest way I can think of to make sure that happens. Use the Champion Mindset product and your purchase doesn't give you insights to break free from old habits and create new ones by being your natural Champion self -- just e-mail me and return your mailed materials -- in resalable condition -- for an immediate, no-questions-asked, no-hassle refund by day fifteen of your order.

Why only fifteen days, you might be asking? Because I know from the experiences of other Champion Mindset clients, that it only takes a few hours of listening and reading the materials to decide if you feel this approach will work for you.

Don't worry though, if you would like to return the program, you won't be forced to provide feedback, made to feel guilty or leave with any hard feelings.

The most motivating person I have ever come across!

"Shelley Taylor-Smith is very powerful, passionate and motivating person. The most motivating person I have ever come across, in my time as an athlete and as a coach. And she has that true blue Australian way of speaking that others don't. A real winner."


Lead me to re-think my approach´┐ŻInspirational

"Balancing a full-time job with study is never easy, but producing an honours thesis while maintaining 50 - 60 hours working weeks seemed an insurmountable task. One weekend with Shelley made me re-think my approach and break it down into small, achievable goals. She inspired me, encouraged me and, most of all, enthused me about the journey ahead - a journey which ended with success! Shelley's approach is sensational. I highly recommend taking the next step, and attending one of her Champion Goal Setting Workshops."

Belinda Lawton, NSW


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