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Open Water Swimming Mastery


JUST RELEASED!!!! Millionaire Motivators
Dangerous When Wet - The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story
Secrets of Great Public Speakers Exposed
Create Your Own Champion Mindset & Be Totally Happy Being YOU 7CD set
The Champion Starter Kit
Champion Motivations Audio CD
The Power of Success e-Course Program
My Champion Motivational Goal Planner
How to become the Champion of your own world � CD & workbook
Inside the Champion Mindset with Shelley Taylor-Smith CD
Creating Your Champion Mindset Seminars
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Millionaire Motivators Book - $29.95


16 Australian Expert Motivational Speakers share their success secrets to living your life with purpose and passion!

And you'll be inspired by 16 amazing speakers & motivators in total including Patrick Hollingworth who shares what it took to climb to the top of Mount Everest!

If you want to reach YOUR peak, Millionaire Motivators will teach you.

 How to create your own life.
 How to stay on track once the motivation has gone.
 How to break through the barriers holding you back.
 Tips on how to master your mind to create success.
 How to find your passion and make money doing it!


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Dangerous When Wet – The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story - $29.95

"No matter where you are in your life or sporting career this book will give you the kick in the butt to never give up on yourself."
- Janet Evans, 4-time Olympic Gold Medallist, Legendary American World Record Holder 400m, 800m & 1500m Freestyle, Businesswoman & Mother of two!

�Listen to raving fan, Eva Fabian, Women�s FINA World 5km OWS Champion�

15% of all profits of sales of �Dangerous When Wet� goes to the Esther Foundation
This riveting story of Shelley's rise to success is uncompromising, spirited, and straight from the heart. A must read for anyone who is struggling with motivation... the perfect read for open water swimmers of all levels. Learn how to absolutely love the solitary nature of the sport and develop the "man-against-nature" mindset which is the key essential to becoming successful in the open-water swim element of your next triathlon.

Delve into Shelley's greatest asset, "the most important 6" of your body - the distance between your ears" and the ability to get into your own mind, swim your own race and get in control of your own life. Learn how to turn your love-hate relationship for open water around and overcome your greatest competitor - yourself!

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The ebook – $15.00

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The Hardcopy – $29.95

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Both ebook and Hardcopy – $37.95

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"You do not have to be a swimmer to understand the power of Shelley Taylor-Smith. A woman ahead of her time, her legacy, where she beat her male competitors so consistently, led to equal prize money for both men and women in the sport."
- Steven Munatones, USA. Founder of and Editor-in-Chief,

Secrets of Great Public Speakers Exposed - $29.95

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Would you like to dramatically increase your confidence and successfully communicate with large groups of people? If so, this book takes you up-close with sixteen of the best speakers that make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from their craft.

Now you can discover all their secrets and how you too can conquer your fear and become an exceptional public speaker.

In this book learn�

  • Why the ability to communicate in public is critical to your success
  • The essential skills all successful speakers have in common
  • How to overcome fear and project confidence to your audience
  • How to plan and structure a presentation for maximum impact
  • How to use the right type of humour and have your audience in stitches
  • Simple techniques to communicate subconscious messages
  • What it takes to make $1million a year as a professional speaker

Plus $357 of free bonus gifts too!

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Secrets of Great Speakers

Create Your Own Champion Mindset 7CD set, 90 page Ultimate step-by-step manual PLUS 8th Bonus Resource CD - $595

Now only $395

Just imagine the positive changes you could make to your life. Well dream no more! Let Shelley Taylor-Smith personally coach you 1on1 and help you take your life to the next level. Your 90 page Ultimate guide to being totally happy being YOU!

The 8th Bonus Resource CD contains techniques for self belief, goal setting, visualisation, relaxation, clearing the 'mind chatter' noise, and rediscovering your dreams.

Click below to hear a sample.

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As Shelley coaches you through the 7CD set you will discover:

  • How to find your true Passion: How to motivate yourself and preserve to the finish line with gusto long after the others have quit. More info...
  • Unleash your Self Belief: how to have absolute certainty and self belief about what you want to achieve. More info...
  • Live and Enjoy the Present Moments Now: how to seize the opportunities now. More info...
  • Goal Setting for Success: How to set goals, emotionally connect with them and track your progress. More info...
  • How to Focus: know what matters most, eliminate distractions and achieve your highest priorities. More info...
  • Perseverance & Persist: Develop a Champion attitude with mental toughness to bounce back from rejection, failure and setbacks and prevent burnout. More info...
  • How to set Outcomes and Take Action: How to get rid of the excuses that are the biggest cop-out that block your success, how to eradicate procrastination. More info...

Bonus 8th Resource CD: Shelley guides you on goal setting techniques, exercises on visualisation, relaxation, freeing your mind from the noise and our sabotaging self talk and how to program yourself for the future. PLUS 21 Champion Motivations personally �taylor-made� just for you!

The whole package is designed for you to re-evaluate and believe your future isn�t just about you accomplishing some goals� it actually provides a whole new direction in your life and that is absolutely sensationally perfect!

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The Champion Starter Kit - $209

(containing products purchased individually, total value $250.00)

Explode off the Blocks!
Want to achieve your goals, inspire yourself, get fit and healthy, be positive, boost your motivation, increase your energy or cope with daily stresses so you can enjoy your life and family more?

Then the Champion Starter Kit has been �taylor-made� just for you�
with all the tools and techniques to keep you on track and motivated.


  • 'Dangerous When Wet � The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story' - personally signed
  • 'Inside the Champion Mindset' Audio CD
  • 'How to Become the Champion of your own World' CD & workbook
  • Shelley's 69 Personal Best 'Champion Motivations' Audio CD
  • Shelley's 'Champion Motivational Goal Planner' lamented and A4 in size
  • Create Your Champion Mindset 7 solutions Bookmark
  • 'Champion Motivation Card' (with card and envelope)
  • �The Power of Success� 7 week e-coaching program

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Champion Starter Kit

Champion Motivations Audio CD- $29.95

Motivational Expert & Champion Mindset Success Coach
Shelley Taylor-Smith shares her 69 personal best
Champion Motivations with Today’s Taylor-Made subscribers.

"Highly energetic and inspiring!" the Champion Motivations CD is guaranteed to motivate you and Accelerate your Success in 2007!

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The Power of Success e-Course Program - $177

A Seven week program of 'Taylor-Made' workouts and Champion strategies, coached by the World Champ Shelley herself.

This programme, in the comfort of your office or home, is to teach you how-to CHOOSE to focus your mind to really produce the results you want. You may not be able to change the world, but you can change your perception of you within it.

If you want to keep up in today's world, whether you are an entrepreneur, parent, team leader, manager, business owner, student, athlete or individual; you need to equip yourself for the future. This programme teaches you how to grow yourself to greatness. Better than that, it teaches you how to share these same principles learned to help others too.

Benefits include:

  • Renewed self esteem, self worth and confidence
  • Boundless energy to achieve your daily tasks effortlessly
  • Being yourself, comfortable in your own skin
  • 100% Self belief in YOU!
  • Increased motivation and how to tap into it you when you need it most
  • No more self sabotage, only Champion self talk
  • Control of your thoughts and in the drivers seat of your life


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Power of Success

My Champion Motivational Goal Planner - $19.95
Personally Taylor-Made for you – so you can NOW start to achieve your goals for YOUR life... A4 in size and laminated. You can write your goals, set a date for achievement, and sign as your personal commitment. As you achieve them - wipe it clean and your set, ready to go for new goals.

Order online and pay through our Secure Payment Gateway:

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How to Become the Champion of your own world CD & Workbook - $49.95

How to Become the Champion of your own world CD & Workbook will empower you to create the world you have always dreamed of. Shelley personally shows you how to change your world, make the decisions you want to fully live your life, challenge your mindset and exercise the power of your mind! Start learning NOW, Taylor-Made for you, how to achieve YOUR goals for YOUR life...  More information ....

Order online and pay through our Secure Payment Gateway:

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Inside the Champion Mindset with Shelley Taylor-Smith CD - $39.95

Learn how Shelley created her Champion Mindset and the secrets of success! 

A powerful and inspiring, emotional and revealing interview, Shelley shares herstory and elations of becoming the most decorated woman internationallyin her chosen field – Marathon Swimming. Along the way Shelley realised thatthe mental drive which helped her overcome great physical and mentaladversity created the Taylor-Made Champion Mindset™ within.

Order online and pay through our Secure Payment Gateway:

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Taylor-Made Motivation - eBook and CD


Key motivational messages empowering you to redirect your focus & revitalise your winning attitude to achieve your life goals!

Order online now...   Download order form (pdf)...
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Creating Your Champion Mindset Seminars
A 2-day seminar with tools to transform your life through positive changes and empower you to create the future you want NOW.

More Information...

Taylor-Made Solutions Bookmark
Keep in touch with Your Champion Mindset with the bookmark. Simply download the PDF, print and cut along the lines indicated.

Download Bookmark PDF
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The Power of Success e-course is the first program that taught me to STOP, FOCUS and REORGANISE. I eliminated my procrastination and sold over 5,000 books! Thanks Shelley, you changed me for the better.�

Sharyn McCaskey - Mdvs Business Services & Events, Western Australia

�I received my Become the Champion Of My World CD & workbook and I love it! Two things stood out: focus on what you want! This alone has made a HUGE change, the other thing you said was - your competitors gave YOU their POWER/ENERGY when they were focused on beating you. Your messages are practical in application, and I have applied them easily to my situation.�
Evol, VIC

"I took your book home last night. We had a power failure and you should've seen my kids how they were trying to read the book and look at the photos in candlelight! Melanie got really excited to see the book signed by you. Thank you!"
Odette, CBA Brookvale Branch Manager

"I'm loving reading your book, I can't believe you knocked almost six minutes off the men's record - which stood since '79 - WOW! By the way, love the two phrases:
"If you don't quit you'll make it"
& "Stuff it and flush it."
I am now implementing them in my life."
Steve Bell, UK

"I have read your book and listened to the cd and I'd have to say, it's the best dollars I have spent in a very long time. What inspiring stuff! Shelley, you are AMAZING! Your story has just blown me away, with the all inspiring energy you've supplied. I found myself so absorbed in your story that I laughed. I cried. I ached. You are a true blue Australian!"
Mary Prowse Surf Beach NSW