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Since our time with Shelley presenting the "Return from Adversity: How to Create Your Champion Brand YOU! Workshop" in May 2011; many participants have gone on to improve and reconstruct their Champion Selves, some ladies have opened a new business; others have confidently added an extra dimension to their pre-adversity enterprise. Collectively we have been busy purposefully reconstructing and planning for a bold future in Business. With Shelley's strong direction and constant reminders of her Tough Love, we have no hesitation in recommending the Shelley Taylor-Smith cure!

Julia Black, Gympie Woman in Business, Northern Queensland

Don�t let procrastination hold you back from spending a day with me unleashing your �Inner Winner!�

Take The Next Step NOW!


Champion Mindset�s Signature

Learn how to Use the Power of Personal Branding to
Create Your Own Champion Brand!

Here�s Everything You Need To Know about what we will cover in the one-day workshop�

The Business of Me with Shelley Taylor-Smith
  • I teach the Cutting edge understanding and tools of creating �You Inc� as your own Champion Brand, and how to use your brand to launch �You Inc� to the next level in all areas of your life.
  • I will provide real life case stories, personal experiences and studies backing up what I teach you.
  • I will guide you-step-by step through the process of discovering the brand attributes and Champion assets of �You Inc�
  • I will show you how to discover and build your own �Features & Benefits� model.
  • I will help you recognise the true values you possess that will unlock your full potential (and it�s not your products & services..)
  • I will teach you the secrets of �How To Attain Goals, Not Just Set Them�
  • I will guide you through the creation of your own �You Inc� brand profile including an unforgettable elevator pitch that will be an instant conversation starter every time
  • I will reveal how to enhance your charisma and use the Law of Attraction to create instant rapport with complete strangers
  • I will explain in detail how to use the 5 components of the �Passion Pyramid� and why everything in your life is supporting you to grow.
  • I will teach you the 7-step Guide to Building Financial & Emotional Security.
  • We will cover power of being Effective not just Efficient and how this one secret will have you home earlier and happier every day.
  • I will show you which fears may be blocking you from creating a dream future and how you can break this cycle.
  • I will show you how to build the Blueprint For Success for �You Inc�
  • And much more�

Here�s what you will receive for your investment in The Business of Me:

  • A full day workshop lead personally by Shelley Taylor-Smith
  • Complimentary Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Tea
  • Comprehensive workbook for your precious notes and personalised plans
  • Personalised Certificate of Attendance
  • Workshop attendees receive a copy of Shelley�s bestselling �Create Your Own Champion Mindset� CD Box Set valued at $595
  • Shelley�s 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • The Tools and Strategies to live the life of your dreams on YOUR terms

And by the end of the workshop you will understand the 3 essential elements of The Business of Me:

  • WHY you need to define your brand instead of allowing others to assign one to you
  • HOW to create a brand that is authentic to your true gifts, goals and passions
  • WHAT you need to do to articulate your value to your customers, clients and community

This one day workshop is available to be held in-house. For more information regarding this workshop... scroll down and complete the form or call Champion Mindset office on 1300 78 41 70.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful �B.O.M.Shell� training you did for our team. Your words & concepts are inspirational and will not only benefit our sales team but anyone currently in business or considering starting their own business.

Congratulations Shelley and I look forward to having you as our special guest speaker again.”

MARC DRAGAN, Juice Plus+ Australia, National Marketing Director,

Create your own �Goal Planning System� for Success�..Think like a Champion and Achieve Your Goals!

The Champion Goals workshop is designed to outline the key purpose for the year ahead, then to summarise the goals to reach that key purpose. And the best part is, you�ll accomplish your very own GPS and more, simply with the action plan you write!

You'll leave the event with a proven system for designing and achieving your life goals .... simple to follow action plan to keep you on track for record success!

For all upcoming Goals Workshops... Register here and we will keep you informed 

Yes Please Shelley... Advise me of upcoming events

Is Setting and Achieving Goals
...........Painful for You?

It's not your fault... and there is a better way

Is this how 2008 is starting to feel like for you...already?
Feeling overworked and under-appreciated?

Are you tearing your hair out....already?
Are you tearing your hair out.........already?

Would you like to be the Champion in your life?
Would you like to be the Champion in your life?

Old "tried and true" goal setting techniques that were once successful have completely lost their effectiveness over the years. That's why the Champion YOU factor - it's the missing link - discovered in turning goal setting into goal achieving. This one factor is the difference that makes all the difference in achieving your goals.

Discover the winning formula and design your best year ever. With a focused approach Shelley Taylor-Smith will give you the learned strategies so you gain momentum in your goal achievement, seeing you no longer dragging behind and beating yourself up 'cause you quit on yourself and your resolutions.

Achieve breakthrough results in you, your work and your life...just imagine bounding out of bed each day with an invigorated focus....a mindset that says "nothing will stop me this year. I'm going for gold." Your gold!

The truth is that achieving your goals and what you want in life, your career, your health and fitness, your family and your finances is not rocket science. You do not need a degree, know letters after your name. No, not even heaps of $$$$........... all you need will be laid out simply in a jam packed 4hrs, 1/2 day program - the Champion Goals workshop.

At the Champion Goals workshop you are trained by someone who has a proven track record of success. Yes, you get the Success Coach herself, Australia's own 7-time World Champion Shelley Taylor-Smith.

Want to learn more?

Get access to the Champion Mindset and learn how one person's mindset, despite being tagged with "no natural ability", "nothing above average" and "disabled", achieved what no other woman has in the history of any sport worldwide.

In this workshop be coached by an ordinary Australian how-to achieve extraordinary results discovering the 7 Taylor-Made Solutions:

  • How to keep it simple to enjoy your day-to-day focused & energetic
  • How to set goals & motivate yourself to persevere to the finish line
  • How to stay focused 100% and achieve what you set out to do
  • How to stop procrastination in your life, positively and permanently
  • How to bounce back from rejection, failure or setbacks
  • How to know your assets, your strengths that create the Champion in you, your team & your business
  • How to overcome mental blocks, those energy slumps, and your every day frustrations that drain you and reduce your productivity.

This workshop will Champion your life, your business, your family and your career! Whether you own the business, manage the business or work in the business, learn the secrets, strategies and techniques that Champions, Entrepreneurs and Managers have been using for years that YOU can implement in your day-to-day life, both personally and professionally.

Rewrite your future to create the Champion relationships and goals you have previously only dreamed of into a reality! Learn how the Champions create success with their proven techniques and how they work famously well day-in-day-out by people of all walks of life.

Champion Mindset is committed to helping YOU create your own Champion Mindset!

It would be my pleasure to Champion you and your goals!

Be coached by someone who knows how to succeed!!!

Want your team to succeed with a Champion Mindset®? ... email
or call Coach Shells on 0414 594 245.

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The Business of Me with Shelley Taylor-Smith

Money Back Guarantee

The most motivating person I have ever come across!

"Shelley Taylor-Smith is very powerful, passionate and motivating person. The most motivating person I have ever come across, in my time as an athlete and as a coach. And she has that true blue Australian way of speaking that others don't. A real winner." J-R CAMPION, Coach

Lead me to re-think my approach�Inspirational

"Balancing a full-time job with study is never easy, but producing an honours thesis while maintaining 50 - 60 hours working weeks seemed an insurmountable task. One weekend with Shelley made me re-think my approach and break it down into small, achievable goals. She inspired me, encouraged me and, most of all, enthused me about the journey ahead - a journey which ended with success! Shelley's approach is sensational. I highly recommend taking the next step, and attending one of her Champion Goal Setting Workshops." Belinda Lawton, NSW

Champion Seminar Feeback

"Many people have tried to help me understand. Finally you go through to me. Finally I understand how to set goals!"
Emma Hicks VIC

"Life changing! Awareness of my negative emotions and learning how to release them – an invaluable tool. Just what I needed."
Jessica Brown NSW

Paul Toth, NSW

It felt so good to get in touch with those Champion gold medal moments in my life, my feelings and have a resource anchor to bring it all back when I need it."
Paul Toth NSW

Removing past negative thoughts and feelings will free me up to move forward to my future without repeating old behaviours finally!"
Chelsea Bonner NSW

Excited now to move on, excited about today, the next minute and the future. All issues resolved from the past. Invaluable!"
Narrel Thomas NSW

"Very illuminating. Gave me guidance and now have stronger foundations to build on my goals for the future."
Raymond Luxa NSW

Shelley you stretched me further than I have in a long while. I have been in a place of not quite committing in case I fail for far too long. I am now unstoppable!"
Heidi Pritchard NSW

Provided clarity and peace. Inspiring from all present. Obtained understanding and now I am released."
Simona Williamson NSW

Looking forward to seeing what the future brings with the new me!!!"
Raewyn Dunstan QLD

I can move on and get on with the life instead of dwelling on the past. I thought it was going to be dead easy. But you made me really think. I do have plans and dreams and they can become a reality. It was a real eye opener."
Kristi Fuller 18yrs NSW

I previously wandered through life. NOW I visualise areas of my life where I want and know they can be achieved."
Charmion Phillips NSW

Overcoming fears was liberating."
Casie Dunstan NSW