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Open Water Swimming Mastery


Motivation, Performance and Success expert Shelley Taylor-Smith is one of the World’s most renown teachers, best-selling authors and presenters and she delivers it just as she is – honest, from the heart, down to earth, passionate and patriotic. 

Her inspirational message is living with conviction in life, both personally and professionally and how to create our own Champion Mindset with attitude, belief and confidence.

Motivational Keynote Speaker, International Best Selling Author, Business Trainer, Performance Coach and Women’s Leadership Consultant

Regardless of being tagged with ‘no natural ability’, ‘disabled’ and ‘nothing above average’, 7-time Women’s World No.1 Marathon Swimming Champion Shelley Taylor-Smith is still the only woman to achieve No.1 World Ranking for both men and women in the history of any sport worldwide.

A 2-time West Australian of the Year - Australian of the Year Finalist (1989 & 1991) and nicknamed ‘Dangerous When Wetby her competitors (and apt title of her biography); Shelley believes anyone can achieve the impossible with the right combination of Mindset, Motivation & Mental Toughness.

Today Shelley inspires as she speaks to individuals and teams (sales, customer service, call centres, financial planners, mortgage insurance brokers, and sporting teams) everywhere and anywhere in her favourite backyard, Australia; how- to “Unleash their Inner Winner’ so they can Champion their own lives, careers and businesses.

More known today for her patriotism and passion than her world titles (and beating the blokes), Shelley is passionately committed to one and only mission: to help you achieve your birthright….Becoming the Champion that you were born to be!

Shelley’s greatest personal achievement is not a title or an award. It is the result of her achieving the No.1 world ranking for both men and women that lead to the governing body FINA, creating equal prize money for men and women and separate rankings that is her global legacy for women.

Dedicated out of the water as she was in it; Shelley gives back as Ambassador of The Esther Foundation in Western Australia, Board Member for Swan River Trust & Burswood Park for Western Australian State Government and consults for Swimming Australia Limited & Swimming Western Australia.

Living her life on purpose, Shelley is now committed to teaching her “fellow sister” to support each other's power and leadership into the world, without having to lose their feminine spark. "The Feminine Code™" gives women the tools to utilise their unique gifts, strengths, talents and purpose in business and life. This life changing program combines hope, possibility and energy that is ready to be unleashed by women who want more from life!

�Shelley will not tell you what you want to hear, she�ll tell you what you need to hear!�
�Her enthusiasm is contagious and her passion mind blowing!�
�A rollercoaster ride of emotions that you never want the ride to stop.�
�Not in 7 years organising conferences have I witnessed a standing ovation with not a dry eye in the room.�

(Let the clients speak�..)

Be inspired, improve morale, motivate your team, celebrate success, inspire performance, embrace change and step-up to the next level of success with audiences guaranteed to leave as Champions of their own world. Author, trainer, speaker or sportsperson, the underlying message throughout all of Shelley Taylor-Smith�s endeavours is, ��if you don�t quit, you will make it.�

Shelley will �Taylor-make� a speech on any topic following a thorough briefing with the client. No program is exactly the same, since the makeup and needs of the audiences change. The talk or program will be designed to accomplish your outcomes and the results you require.

The 7 Taylor-Made Topics (and successful too) in previous conferences include:

1. Create Your Own Champion Mindset

Passionate & Powerful Shelley Taylor-Smith at her best - advises to stop playing it safe and start creating what's truly possible in life by stretching yourself, taking risks and surrounding yourself with your very own positive, supportive team spirit.

Learn how to stop bumping into your potential every now & then, discover the keys to consistent performance and transform your potential into performance on how to:

  • Step up, out of your comfort zone and commit to higher goals
  • Recognise negative people and detoxify them from your life
  • Challenge yourself and put your fear of failure to rest
  • Maintain your thirst and stay hungry making "no" your daily vitamin (motivation)
  • People don't fail because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit
  • Why passion, planning and focusing on what matters most are the Golden rules today

2. Success Strategies of World Champions

Shelley Taylor-Smith reveals the success strategies of Champions who achieved their outcomes � ordinary, every day people in all walks of life. Shelley presents motivational ideas and principles that are followed by provocative questions and action exercises to help you apply the strategies to create your own success!

Discover the 5 qualities of Successful Champions: 

  • their intention (purpose);
  • their attention (focus);
  • their energy (passion);
  • their belief (commitment); and
  • their growth (resilience and mental toughness).

Delve into the Champion's behaviour that makes them unique! Learn how to discover your unique qualities that are your 'signature Champion style' to helps you stand up, stand out and shine!

3. The Feminine Code™ of Achievement: How to Break through Your Glass Ceiling, Transform Your Potential & Achieve Peak Feminine Performance

Shelley reveals the strategies to achieving your true calling and everlasting legacy by bridging the gap between where everyone else thinks you should be and where you were born to be.  Learn the key points to help yourself and your colleagues to achieve their desired feminine performance, allowing them to survive and thrive; creating nourishing and supportive relationships.

 4. “The Power of Personal Branding – Create Your Champion Brand YOU!’                 

With this special presentation and/or workshop, Shelley guides you through the process of identifying your Core Values and understanding the essential elements of a Conscious Business to live a life of happiness while making a REAL difference in the world.                      

 5.Living ON Purpose: How to find passion in your career, business or life

Live life at a more purposeful level that guarantees satisfaction and success! It’s time to awaken from the snooze to your unlimited power of the Champion within you as you discover how to attract success by becoming an "attractive" person.

 6. Unleash Your Winning Formula - 7 Steps to Self Confidence and Personal Power for Career & Business Success                                             

Learn how to become resilient to pressure & bounce back from daily setbacks and obstacles, turning your stress into energy and enthusiasm. Power through your day with more resourcefulness, more calm, more present and more balance.

 7. Create A Champion Team – for a Profitable and Productive Team Culture

Many believe Shelley’s career was a solo one! Nothing from the truth… Competing for Australia, wearing the green and gold with immense pride, Shelley learned that life is a TEAM SPORT and the only way she would achieve her own personal goals was by creating Team STS!

 In this very passionate and patriotic presentation Shelley shares how to enthuse people, inspire change and succeed as a leader.

 Leave knowing how- to identify the skills required to create your Champion team:

  • Resilience – the key to handling changes enabling better performance under pressure
  • The Game Plan - the difference in your team’s success and the opposition is this very important quality
  • Preparation – the no.1 key for a team’s ability to come together and execute as a unit
  • Performance - attention to detail, personal accountability and mutual responsibility determines what level you will play at
  • Team Rituals - pride in what you do, how you do it, and why you do it

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The most motivating person I have ever come across!

"Shelley Taylor-Smith is a very powerful, passionate and motivating person. The most motivating person I have ever come across, in my time as an athlete and as a coach. And she has that true blue Australian way of speaking that others don't. A real winner." J-R CAMPION, Coach

Lead me to re-think my approach�Inspirational

"Balancing a full-time job with study is never easy, but producing an honours thesis while maintaining 50 - 60 hours working weeks seemed an insurmountable task. One weekend with Shelley made me re-think my approach and break it down into small, achievable goals. She inspired me, encouraged me and, most of all, enthused me about the journey ahead - a journey which ended with success! Shelley's approach is sensational. I highly recommend taking the next step, and attending one of her Champion Goal Setting Workshops." Belinda Lawton, NSW

�We chose Shelley Taylor-Smith on the basis of her inspirational story and how she has used that story to inspire others to reach for and achieve their goals in every area of their lives.

Your presence Shelley and openness on the day was outstanding, which coupled with your ability to link your story to the audience and their immediate business outcomes made for a strong and moving presentation." Kathy Cummings, General Manager, Third Party Banking, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

�After Shelley�s one day workshop with our long term unemployed (at least 5yrs) within 30 days 26% gained full time employment and 50% are still employed today.� Work Directions NSW

�Onyx had increased its closure of contracts ratio by 30% by Shelley Taylor-Smith motivating buyers through the fear factor.� Onyx

�Motivating a group coming together for the first time, without doubt, presents an enormous challenge. Shelley's enthusiasm, drive and passion ensured our workshop was not only a great success, but also set the foundation for our new team spirit and mutual vision. Shelley touched each and every one of us in a unique way, and challenged us to believe in our own ability to achieve enormous success. We all walked away with a more positive outlook! I highly recommend making Shelley part of your team.� Eli Lilly Pty Limited

�The best awards night ever� were the comments I received from my employees for weeks after our Awards night. Your moving presentation Shelley given to our staff left them all feeling uplifted, inspired and motivated. I saw multiple waves of emotion sweeping over my staff, there were tears and laughter and an immense feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Your life�s achievements are exceptional; my employees along with myself are privileged to have shared in your experiences.� Kenton G Farrow, Managing Director, AFMA Services Pty Limited, NSW, Australia

�Pricewaterhouse Coopers, sincerely thank you for your inspirational, motivational and humorous address to senior management at our MAD Luncheon. Thank you for sharing the �jellyfish� story that has staff talking about �their jellyfish� and the importance to celebrate our �wins and milestones� more often within our team. You�re right this is something easily overlooked.� Mac Lydiard, Business Development Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

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Shelley Presenting
Shelley Presenting

"Shelley�s coaching program is incredible. She is an expert in engaging an audience and encouraging people to be the best they can be. In our weekly employee development meeting all our team said that seeing Shelley present was the best thing that had happened in their week."
Marty Switzer, General Manager, The Switzer Financial Services Group

Watch Shelley in action

Attention: Conference/Event Co-ordinators:

Any enquiries call Champion Mindset 1300 78 41 70

VALUE ADD: Delegates swim with the World Champ!
As added incentive Shelley shares her tips in stroke correction. She works with delegates, partners and children.
Read rave reviews below:

FSP Conference Fiji 2005
FSP Conference Fiji 2005

Inspirational and Life Changing were comments made to me, and very close to home in that Lindy my wife, has also decided to make some changes to her working life (thanks for that!!).

I am also very grateful for the additional time you invested with the Group, delegates, their partners and children, and in particular the two swimming clinics that you provided adults and children, as well as the individual sessions with delegates you made yourself available for.

You were a fantastic speaker and created a perfect platform for us to introduce the next level of business.� Geoff Rimmer, Chief Executive, Financial Service Partners

"Never have so many delegates been moved, inspired and energised as when Shelley has control of the stage. I would never hesitate in giving delegates over to Shelley who will take them on a ride filled with challenge, adversity, triumph and resolve�walking step by step with her as she leads you through her amazing life story. The passion and energy Shelley brings to her presentations is the perfect way to punctuate an event with substance and an appeal to your emotions". James J. Jancu, Conference Director, Exhibitions, Terrapinn Ltd.

Hamilton Island MIAA
Hamilton Island MIAA

Your audience will walk out ready to achieve great things when Shelley teaches how-to:

Believe it is your birthright to achieve your wildest dreams and life long goals
Think as a Champion � and walk like one too!
Create dreams into goals! � to keep you on track to the finish line
Pursue Your Passion � with gusto and never run out of puff
Maintain your commitment � and thirst to the end
Create a Winner's Attitude � it�s not what you win but how you win
Mental Rehearsal - Life Visualisation
Power thru Stress � go from tired to terrific
Convert Obstacles into Opportunities
Enjoy the hard yakka � how to love what you do
Use the most important 6 inches of your body � the Champion Mindset
See that life IS a team sport � know who is on your team supporting you and cheering you onto success
Dare to be the unique Champion you were born to be
Maintain the edge over your competitors � and motivate them
Value the real you and not get burn out

Shelley Professional Motivator
Shelley Professional Motivator

"The lady is both a hero and in many ways a trendsetter. She is unlike a lot of our elite swimmers: she had no mega commercial sponsorships. Stroke after stroke, kilometre after kilometre, Shelley Taylor-Smith unconsciously is inspiring men and women everywhere with her single-minded horizontal victories.� Max Walker, Emcee, TV Announcer and Legend Australian Cricketer

McInerney Ford WA General Manager, Peter Donkin, with Shelley

McInerney Ford WA General Manager, Peter Donkin, with Shelley: �Shelley motivated my sales team so much so we achieved our monthly targets within 24hrs after Shelley�s training.�