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Today's Taylor-Made Motivation

Motivation, Inspiration, Education, or a Kick in the Pants! What do you need?

Kick your day off right... from the start!

Champion Motivational thoughts personally written by Shelley Taylor-Smith that are guaranteed to be quick to read, quick to motivate and quick to inspire you to leap into your day!


Thank you for being real! And a big "THANK YOU" Shelley

"Through one of your workshops, your CD's and regular Champion Motivations, you've helped me lift my head up and go for the things I really want without feeling as though I have to apologise to anyone and without walking over those around me. It is good to hear that you listen to yourself and take the breaks you need. It also gives all of us encouragement to know we are not wimping out when we take a break when we need one. Thank you so much for being real!"

Kind Regards and Best Wishes, Jan Pattison (Tamworth)


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Get motivated and start your day right NOW!

�When looking for someone to motivate the Australian Swim Team I wanted someone with a proven track record of success who would move the team out of their comfort zone. Shelley�s belief in both herself and the team created the best-ever results of an Australian Open Water Swim Team. Shelley's techniques are worth their weight in gold.� Australian Swim Team, Head Coach, Alan Thompson

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The Power of Success e-course is the first program that taught me to STOP, FOCUS and REORGANISE.

I eliminated my procrastination and sold over 5,000 books! Thanks Shelley, you changed me for the better.”

Sharyn McCaskey - Mdvs Business Services & Events, Western Australia

Thank you for the positive kick in the backside!!!

The journey through The Power of Success e-course has been exhilarating. I read and practised the sets of positive thinking strategies each week. I found a hidden gem and positive reinforcement of my beliefs and my own power to succeed. I am both filled with a sense of satisfaction and more importantly a feeling of confidence to continue and expand.”

R McDonald, Western Australia

















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15% of all profits of sales of �Dangerous When Wet� goes to the Esther Foundation

I gotta get a copy of Dangerous When Wet NOW!

The Power of Success e-course is the first program that taught me to STOP, FOCUS and REORGANISE. I eliminated my procrastination and sold over 5,000 books! Thanks Shelley, you changed me for the better.� Sharyn McCaskey - Mdvs Business Services & Events, Western Australia

�I love your comment about being TOO motivated Smile.
Yes, we are receiving your motivations and we don�t hit delete � they are worth every moment!� Eva Bett, Director, Virtual Synchronicity Pty Ltd

�Man are you good, Shelley. You are so good at getting to the absolute axis of mental achievement but only because you've been there. And that, to me, is the most important part of my taking you seriously and also the reason I read every word you write...........and then read it again. I�m no quitter anymore because of you teaching me that it's my right to be successful. It's powerful stuff.� Matthew Hardesty, NSW Customs Supervisor, Expeditors International

�Thank you for the positive kick in the backside!!! These words are so true � if I focus on the negativity that is all that I will be. Please rest assured that your weekly emails do not go unread, and we may not respond to them all, but the messages do get through, even to negative people like me. Twelve months further down the track (almost to the week actually) and your message is still very relevant.� Kallie Welsh, NSW

�I admit that I have not been reading your email, just hitting the delete button. Today, I did .... You hit the nail right on the head and gave me a big kick up the p...s. For that I thank you. Please keep on sending me your daily "self talk" I am looking forward to tomorrows.� Marg Haines, VIC

"Love all your emails they are very inspiring and I forward them to my friends daily so you are helping heaps of people to enjoy life to the full! Keep up the great work this world needs all the inspiration it can get.� Lenore Woolich

Fantastic! Inspirational! - the true grit of achievement. Thanks Ilze, Heartlogic

�I just want to say thank you for uplifting me when I need it! I noticed that you sent one on my birthday � irony it mentions my birthright. Shelley, you are inspirational to me and so many people and I may never meet you but I wanted to thank you for the energy you spend inspiring so many others.� Rosanna Polito, TAFE SA

�Some days when I'm just not in the mood for reading about motivation I just glimpse at the subject heading and subconsciously I have already taken in the message and it gets me through the day. Other days I read every single word and get even more inspired to stay on track, or sometimes have to recall what track I'm meant to be on. Don't know what I would do without your inspiration every single day, it certainly makes the journey easier when you know what track you are meant to be following. Keep up the amazing work - keep those emails coming pleeeeaaassse!� Carmel Goryachev

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