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Exposing the Champion Within - Your Champion Mindset!

"I have never seen my team so happy from within and hence so motivated, productive and compassionate. In just 2 days your training in 'Creating Your Champion Mindset' program and your coaching has positively changed the lives of not only those who attended the retreat but also everyone around us, both now, and in the future. We are now busy creating and living our Champion Mindset!"       

Lynette Vantuno, General Manager, Real Estate Services, Carrington Group

Champion Mindset® Consulting's (CMC) mission statement is to empower our clients' businesses to achieve long-term profitability and success through a variety of CMC services and products.

Shelley Taylor-Smith, founder of Champion Mindset® Consulting is booked and rebooked for trainings and conferences where the valued outcome is in training our leaders of tomorrow to think and be Champions today.

The 1/2day, 1 day and 2 day seminars and trainings are designed to build the knowledge, abilities and mind tools required to create a Champion Mindset® to achieve peak mental performance. Training and professional development are essential to adapt to change in the fast moving corporate world.

Imagine the impact of your corporation if your staff had the focus and motivation to increase their effectiveness, to increase sales and the profit of your company.  

"Your facilitation was brilliant, your speeches were fantastic and we all walked out feeling 100% ready to turn our dreams into goals.  I have never seen a group of 125 people so pumped up and ready to face any challenge that life throws at them. The way you inspired a room full of different personalities, cultures and age groups was truly amazing and everyone walked out to "think like a Champion."
Carl Buerckner, Managing Director, Business Travel Australia

Seminars and trainings are tailored to your companies needs and values to produce the following outcomes:
  • Develop a champion attitude
  • Create successful relationships
  • Setting and pursuing realistic and achievable goals
  • Achieve business and career goals to produce better results
  • Understand the importance of establishing rapport with people
  • Communicate more effectively with verbal and non-verbal language
  • Eliminate limiting decisions and beliefs from the past - your bad habits
  • Discover the secret to staying focused and motivated all the time

Delegates celebrating creating their own Champion Mindsets

Delegates celebrating creating their own Champion Mindsets

�Shelley is unbelievably powerful. If you don�t leave her session feeling completely motivated you need to check yourself for a health check.�� Anthony Donnellan, Dunsford Financial Services, Melbourne VIC

Benefits of Champion Mindset® program attendees:

  • Your personal happiness and professional success will be much more consistent, and much more predictable.
  • Your effectiveness working with others will be dramatically increased, and
  • Your ability to empower yourself for optimum results will be increased.
  • You will be able to generate empowering emotional states within yourself at will
  • You can eliminate any negative emotions or limiting decisions, identify and change limiting beliefs
  • Inspire yourself with a compelling future that will have much better chances of coming true
  • Create patterns of excellence from any role model you choose.

Review the Champion Mindset® trainings that I believe will assist your team in achieving their outcomes and goals that will support them both personally & professionally.

The Power of One Focused Mind

This mindset workshop teaches participants how to use the latest strategies and techniques from the cognitive behavioural sciences to get in the driver�s seat, take control, so you can design the life and results you really want.

Learn �

  1. How our belief systems work � and how to reset them for success
  2. How to use the power of your unconscious mind to work for us
  3. How our work attitude-motivation drives us
  4. How to break bad habits and set new empowering patterns of behaviour
  5. How to transform potential into peak performance
  6. How to focus on what matters most and know what is important to you NOW
  7. How to set yourself on auto pilot utilising the power of visualisation to attract the results you want

If you or your team need to break old paradigms, lead the way in a changing environment, or lift performance to entirely new levels, then this session will provide the keys to successful change.

"Shelley�s coaching program is incredible. She is an expert in engaging an audience and encouraging people to be the best they can be. In our weekly employee development meeting all our team said that seeing Shelley present was the best thing that had happened in their week."
Marty Switzer, General Manager, The Switzer Financial Services Group

Turn Stress into Success

This program assists to accelerate your team�s personal and professional growth and success.


  • What Stress is and is not
  • How to go from tired to terrfic
  • How to turn stress into success � the techniques and strategies
  • Learn how to operate from a physiology of excellence and how to stay motivated on moving forward on your goals and outcomes in your day-to-day work environment.
  • Find out how preparation, planning and performance are the essential coping mechanisms
  • Learn how to control your mind and key concentration skills
  • Think bigger about what is possible

Can You Believe It?

This training teaches how to use the Power of Belief to achieve anything you want. The size of your success is determined by the size of your BELIEF!

So how can you change the way you think forever?

This one-of-a-kind workshop by Shelley Taylor-Smith is designed to:

  • Change the way you think and deal with the obstacles and difficulties in your life.
  • Identify the personal changes you need to make --- and then provide the impetus to make them.
  • Teach you how to move past your disappointments, failures and mistakes.
  • Show you just how close you are to moving to the next level of achievement in your life and your goals -- and how to get there.
  • Teach you how to use the most powerful six-word �secret� in the world.
  • Help you learn how to overcome negative circumstances.
  • Banish, once and for all, the fear and limiting belief that you are not good enough, not smart enough and don�t have what it takes.

"Belief always precedes action.�

The Champion Team


  • The team is working from the same game plan
  • Help others on your team to be more decisive and achieve your desired bottom line results
  • Team building values & self beliefs
  • Team self management of emotions
  • Individual goal setting and team goals
  • Culture � what separates us from the rest and scares our competitors.
  • Individual internal control of emotions and behaviour - how that affects our individual performance and our team mates
  • Accountability and responsibility � kicking each other up the butt � how to not plug into someone�s else�s negativity
  • The negative behaviours & eliminating bad habits that prevent us from performing at our peak

The Champion Team program details how leaders and managers can successfully motivate employees by measuring and building the attitude-motivation levels of their employees creating the team culture.

Belief and desire are the beginning of all achievement. If one of those key ingredients is missing, success is almost impossible.

Participants report immediate results where utilising the tools and skills builds focus, clarity and commitment...

"The seminar was inspirational not just for work but for life!"

"Gave me a real lift, felt invigorating and that get up and go feeling."

"Your constant high level of energy and focused self motivation is an inspiration to me!"

"Great experience, a real eye opener, time to take control of our future"

"A very beneficial & enjoyable way to way to learn to have determination and motivational skills to set my goals personally and for my career."

"The whole experience was nothing but positive and incredibly motivating. Therefore, I was very grateful for the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally."

Shelley Taylor-Smith, founder and director of Champion Mindset® Consulting develops all Champion Mindset® programs.

Combining the tools and techniques, strategies and solutions from her learnings trained in NLP, her success & experience in the 7 consecutive years ranked World No.1 Marathon Swimmer, Success Coach, Shelley Taylor-Smith teaches you how to create what you want right now.

Want your team to succeed with a Champion Mindset® email or call Coach Shells on 0414 594 245.


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Shelley celebrating at the IFAP Awards Dinner

Shelley celebrating at the IFAP Awards Dinner

15% of all profits of sales of �Dangerous When Wet� goes to the Esther Foundation

I gotta get a copy of Dangerous When Wet NOW!

Sporting Teams: St Joseph�s First VIII � Australian National Schoolboy Champions 2005
Sporting Teams: St Joseph�s First VIII � Australian National Schoolboy Champions 2005

�Shelley was employed to prepare St Joseph�s 1st & 2nd VIII�s psychologically for the Head of the River. We achieved the prestigious Australian National Schoolboy Champions 2005 title.

Shelley is a woman of the highest integrity, totally professional and gifted with her ability to communicate positive messages to a variety of people.

She brought a wealth of experience to the team and as a coach with 30yrs at Olympic, State, Club and Schoolboy level I found myself re-examining my own approach to the way I coached.�

Michael Morgan, OAM, Senior Coach, St Josephs College, NSW, Australia

David Neuhaus and Tom Ing in action
David Neuhaus and Tom Ing in action

�As parents we feel there has been a noticeable improvement in the rower�s all round attitude towards life in general and their rowing, since Shelley has been involved as a motivator and mentor between the boy�s and their coaches at the Joey�s boat shed.

From our view, there is a very positive, balanced and harmonious interaction amongst the crew and their coaches that we have not seen before, along with a healthy determination to be as successful as they can be.

Our son David and his fellow St Joseph team mate Tom Ing went onto win at Henley, UK in the Schoolboy fours. We are grateful Shelley of your continued guidance and mentoring long after the Head of the River.�

Raelyn and Graeme Neuhaus, parents of David Neuhaus

Sydney Rowing Club Win Fawley Cup at Henley Royal Regatta
Sydney Rowing Club Win Fawley Cup at Henley Royal Regatta

Australian Team and Hornbag 2004
�Best ever results of Australian Marathon Swim Team!�

"Her professional and dedicated approach to every task and project she undertakes impressed all who have worked with her over the years of her involvement in her role with Swimming Australia Limited.

Shelley is extremely effective at both individual and team motivation. As coach her involvement saw one of my athletes in my squad go on to win a World Championship title.

As Head Coach of the Australian Marathon Swim Team I have no hesitation in engaging Shelley�s excellent services to motivate the squad of elite marathon swimmers preparing for the Beijing Olympic Games.

Her well-refined presentation skills, ability to engage participants and excellent communication skills enable her to ensure all goals and outcomes are achieved through extremely thorough and dynamic presentations."

Greg Towle, Head Coach, Marathon Swimming, Swimming Australia Limited

"Shelley Taylor-Smith is very powerful, passionate and motivating person. The most motivating person I have ever come across, in my time as an athlete and as a coach. And she has that true blue Australian way of speaking that others don't. A real winner."

J-R Campion, Coach

"Balancing a full-time job with study is never easy, but producing an honours thesis while maintaining 50 - 60 hours working weeks seemed an insurmountable task. One weekend with Shelley made me re-think my approach and break it down into small, achievable goals. She inspired me, encouraged me and, most of all, enthused me about the journey ahead - a journey which ended with success! Shelley's approach is sensational. I highly recommend taking the next step, and attending one of her Champion Goal Setting Workshops."

Belinda Lawton, NSW