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Create Your Own Champion Mindset 8CD Set

Create Your Own Champion Mindset 7CD set, 90 page Ultimate step-by-step manual PLUS 8th Bonus Resource CD - $595

Now only $395 plus receive the Champion Starter Kit (valued at $250) for free! Savings $450 LIMITED STOCK!!!

Champion Benefits you will achieve - imagine how great your life will be and how happy you will be right now once you are able to ....  


Set and achieve virtually any goal you can imagine


Get yourself more motivated all of the time


Overcome the fears that may have held you back in the past


Totally self-confident in your ability to achieve all of your dreams in life


Living with a new sense of purpose


Developed a compelling future that pulls you forward


Burst through your old limiting comfort zone


Attract all of the Prosperity, Wealth & Abundance you desire


Access all of the resources you need to reach your goals


Bounce back from setbacks sooner


Create the mindset of a highly successful goal achiever


Model the success of Mentors to fast track your success


Set your self up for success with your goals


Build an intense desire for the goals you seek


Use the right C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. strategies for success


Easily Brainstorm hundreds of ideas to enable you to move forward


Blast past sticking points that may have held you back previously


Create an inspiring future vision for yourself


Have total clarity around the goals you are pursuing

CD 1: Discover Your Passion

Motivation, passion or desire is the hidden dynamo that keeps you focused and on target no matter how many set backs or deviations you may take. It's your power source, your engine – you’re very own secret ingredient, the thing that sets you apart from everyone else.

Without motivation it doesn't matter how many books you read, what you study, or how many opportunities come your way, things just won't 'happen' for you.

Motivation is the key that unlocks the door to success; it's your x-factor. Have it and you have a chance. Without it you simply don’t.

On CD 1 you will learn:

  • To become truly focused on the future you really want
  • To harness the amazing power of your imagination
  • To overcome the gremlins that threaten to sabotage your progress
  • To focus your time and resources on constructively getting things done
  • To develop rock solid systems for achieving your goals

Anyone can become a highly motivated person. This is your first step to becoming motivated, bringing balance to your life and achieving the success you know you are capable of but that seems at times so elusive. Don't leave it to chance - get motivated about your success today.

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CD 2: Unleash Your Self Belief

Self-belief and self-esteem are your secret allies. You've just got to be able to turn them on and boost them when you need them most. They are part of the armoury of all people who achieve great things.

To win at anything in life, your greatest battle is with yourself. Your most powerful enemy is within. Your greatest ally is there also. The person who has the weapon to make you win or lose is you. Your weapon is your mind. Your mental approach makes you strong or weak, tough or flabby. Conquering yourself is the ultimate challenge.

So learn a confident new you brimming with get up and go, a fabulous new zest for life, sure of yourself and your Champion World around you. Sound good? You better believe it!

Enjoy the journey of self-discovery around yourself, identifying your strengths and learning to best use them and appreciate them, finding your weak spots and discovering how to eliminate them or strengthen them.

On CD 2 you will discover within to:

  • Assess your current levels of self-esteem
  • Challenge your current opinions and beliefs about yourself
  • Help you build a new, strong and positive self-image,
  • Build indestructible levels of self-esteem and self-belief
  • Enable you to deal with the difficulties that life throws at you
  • Start you on the road to building a new and fabulous life
  • Discover what exactly charisma is and how to develop it
  • Create a personal plan to move you forward to a new you 
  • Learn how to overcome shyness and develop real and lasting confidence
  • Stop procrastinating and start taking effective action for change

Great self-believers have the edge. They carry within a formidable advantage over the average person. They know how to dig deep and muster additional resources and back-up when called to. They never lose. They always live to fight another day. They always come through.

Even if you identify yourself as one of the great self-believers, you’ll still be eager to run a check on your current levels to ensure you’re in peak condition!

Self-belief is your secret ally – the magic YOU factor. You've just got to be able to turn it on, boost it when you need it most.

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CD 3: Live and Enjoy NOW

Is your life cluttered with physical and emotional junk?  Are you constantly in a race against time? Do you struggle to find a balance between home and work? Are you often up at dawn, constantly rushing, struggling to meet deadlines, juggle child care, manage your home, trying to squeeze in exercise and feel that socialising is just another chore that needs to be scheduled into a never ending day? 

Do you feel over worked and overwhelmed? With so many demands on our lives it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘do it now’ trap. It’s time to take a step back from your harried life and make positive changes so you can make life easier for yourself.

Create integrity in the moment guided by your conscious in the very moment of choice and you are at peace with that decision. There is no longer that feeling of negative consequences or any one task or tasks feeling overwhelming.

On CD 3 learn to enjoy NOW and simplify your Life:

  • Identify what you need to re-organise and simplify in your life
  • Clear emotional and physical clutter
  • Manage your time better
  • Increase your personal efficiency at home and work
  • Take control of your finances and simplify your money management
  • Manage stress for a balanced life.
  • Learn to say no, guilt free
  • Engage your mind and body in the moment

Enjoy being in control and responsible for your life. 

Clear clutter and organise your life and you will have more time for the things you enjoy. 

By simplifying your approach you will also have more time to focus on achieving your goals and reaching your dreams and aspirations in the present moment, right now!

CD 4: Goal setting for Success

Want to be one of the lucky people? Ever wondered how some people always seem to achieve every one of their fantastic goals, while others make do with repeated half-hearted attempts?

Well, now you can join those who succeed, because it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with you. People who are achievers know where they are going long before they get there, and their arrival is no accident. Without clear goals and a plan for reaching them you don't stand a chance of ever attaining the life you deserve and dream about.

On CD 4 you will learn to:

  • Define what it is you really desire
  • Show you how to prepare a roadmap for achievement
  • Develop the focus, clarity and awareness you need to make your dreams come true
  • Enable you enjoy setting goals
  • Show how you can get the results you deserve
  • Help you to get what you truly want out of life
  • How the Universe will conspire for your Success
  • The correct way to write your down goals
  • How to chunk down your large goals into believable steps
  • Switch on the Law of Attraction to work for you
  • Develop an expanded view of your future
  • How to activate your Automatic Goal setting Dream Machine to design your future

Unless you really know and understand where it is you want to be, you are never going to get there. The first step on any road to achievement and success is defining what success means to you.

Start your journey today - who knows where you will end up?

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CD 5: Focus - What matters most!

Many people are asking: I want to focus on my highest priorities but how do I actually do it? How do I become more productive?

Focus definition: one’s ability to focus on what matters most despite all the distractions and stresses surrounding you!

Just imagine you life filled with inner peace and confidence compared to chaos and mayhem.

Are you a doer or a gonna? Are you in-control or out-of-control?
Which do you choose? Which one is you right now?

The reality of life is that things come upon us that we cannot anticipate, that require us to actually adapt on a daily basis. You can make those decisions in the very moment of choice.

Smile, plan daily within the context of your larger weekly plan and so you can adjust the realistic changes that constantly come upon us day by day.

Some of the tools and applications learned for achieving 100% focus: achieving your highest priorities will change your life in unexpected and exciting ways.

Gain better control of your personal and professional lives through values based time and life management skills.

On CD 5 you will learn:

  • Where you spend most of your time
  • Understanding how our choices affect our lives
  • How to differentiate what is important versus what is urgent
  • Eliminate procrastination from your life
  • Track your life, tasks, appointments, notes and to do-lists
  • Achieve what matters most o you
  • Spend time clarifying your values and priorities and set realistic goals for yourself,
  • Detailed planning and preparation – make appointments, write down your commitments and identify deadlines
  • Prioritise activities on a daily basis and tracking them effectively

When you plan you’ll find that you will not have to make as many changes on a daily basis as you thought you would. Why? Your Champion spirit of preparation has suppressed your constant tendency to see everything as a crisis.

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CD 6: Mental Toughness: Perseverance & Persistence

Build the mental toughness and resilience with two key behaviours that you may well have been doing all your life - Persevering and Persisting.

How many of us ask: why aren't there more hours in the day?
What other life lessons do I have to learn?
How am I ever going to get through this?

You win, when you aren't afraid to lose. The difference between great and average is how often you take risks. We should all accept risk as a normal part of living. We need to view risk as a part of the process of exploring your world.

As they say; if you learn the lesson, then you never lost!

Forget about the consequences of taking chances. Risk opens you to what can only ever be a temporary change in direction - one that can set you straight for your next success. If you're brave enough to take a risk, to temporarily live outside of your comfort zone - even for a short period of time - you're big enough to win. And strong enough to be the true Champion of your own world!

Take the risk and make change. Remember the saying: If nothing changes, nothing changes!

On CD 6 learn:

  • How to be comfortable out of your comfort zone
  • How to get up and get going when the going gets tough
  • How to maintain positive actions over emotion reactions
  • Define your resilience factor
  • Be able to imagine yourself successful whilst stuck in the mess or at your lowest
  • How to gain the learning from negative experiences or times when you failed
  • How to turn negative into positives
  • How to create opportunities out of risk
  • How to bounce back from rejection, failure or setbacks and prevent burnout.

Incorporate the two human behavioural traits of Mental Toughness into your Champion armour and be capable of turning what some people live their lives surrounded by

- Stress and Mess - into totally positive Success.

Guaranteed to teach you how to hang in there towards the finish line….long after everyone else has quit.

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CD 7: Outcomes and Actions

Along the way, you may be tossed from one possible course of action to another and how you act determines how quickly you get there.

We must ensure that when problems come up we focus not on them, but on solutions.

You will learn in the process how to create your new success - or how you once again re-create that old distractive strategy that has not supported or given you what you have wanted.

Which one are you gonna choose? Yep, I hear you say, of course….new success!

On CD 7 learn:

  • You will discover what you truly value and learn to live in harmony with those values creating a sense of peace and calmness
  • You will define what your gifts, talents and passions are and learn how these relate to your life’s purpose.
  • You will clearly define your purpose statement.
  • You will create a vision for your life using that purpose statement that will add brilliant direction and meaning to every one of your days
  • You will expand the purposeful vision into an inspired and intentional action plan that will breathe confidence, happiness, meaning and success into your life.

Taking ACTION requires you to:

1. Accept responsibility
2. Get in touch with your passion daily
3. Value what you are truly worth
4. Regularly practice your favourite Champion workouts that work for you
5. Celebrate your Champion self and Champion world today
6. Keep going
7. And remember....if you don't quit, you will make it!

Finally discover what are you good at doing (or what are you willing to get good at doing)?

If you have a special knowledge, all people have to do is know that you exist and that you have the skills they need and they will be attracted to you.

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CD 8: Bonus Resource CD

Shelley coaches you with the success strategies of Champions including goal setting techniques, exercises on visualisation, relaxation, freeing your mind from the noise and our sabotaging self talk and how to program yourself for the future. PLUS 21 Champion Motivations personally ‘taylor-made’ just for you!

Just imagine being able to tap into all that you have been wishing and hoping for and know now you can achieve by:

  • Rediscovering your dreams – childhood years
  • Rediscovering your dreams – teenage years
  • Rediscovering your dreams – young adult years
  • Rediscovering your dreams – adult years
  • Rediscovering your dreams – career or business
  • Rediscovering the rest of your dreams
  • Programming goals into your future
  • Programming your Champion life

The whole package is designed for you to re-evaluate and believe your future isn’t just about you accomplishing some goals… it actually provides a whole new direction in your life and that is absolutely sensationally perfect!

Look toward your Champion future and all the events will re-evaluate themselves so accomplishment of these events isn’t just about you accomplishing some goals… it actually provides a whole new direction in your life and that is absolutely sensationally perfect!

'If your life is worth living then it's worth living the life of your DREAMS!'

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