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"Would you like to dramatically increase your confidence and successfully communicate you message to large groups of people? If so, this book takes you up-close with fifteen of the best speakers that make hundreds of thousands of dollars ever year from their craft. Now you can discover all of their insider secrets and how you too can conquer your fear and become an exceptional public speaker!"


  • Why the ability to communicate in public is critical to your success
  • The essential skills all successful speakers have in common
  • How to overcome fear and project confidence to your audience
  • How to plan and structure a presentation for maximum impact
  • How to use the right type of humour and have your audience in stitches
  • Simple techniques to communicate subconscious messages
  • What it takes to make $1 million a year as a professional speaker


DOUG MALOUF – Speaking Coach
As well as being a sought-after speaker, Doug was the first person in Australasia to become a 'Distinguished Real Estate Educator' under the American System and his books have been published and sold internationally.
SHELLEY TAYLOR-SMITH – World Champion Athlete
As a 7-time World Marathon Swimming Champion, Shelley has overcome partial paralysis; several major and minor car accidents; a benign breast scare; a collapsed marriage and much more to become a highly in-demand speaker in Australia and overseas. Author of international best seller 'Dangerous When Wet - The Shelley Taylor-Smith Story' and many DVD and CDs on self development and personal empowerment systems.
CARL BARRON – Leading Comedian
Carl is one of Australia's most successful comedians. His two DVDs have sold in excess of 300,000 copies. His first DVD Carl Barron Live is thehighest selling stand-up comedy DVD in Australian retail history.
MATT CHURCH – CEO Thought Leaders
CEO of Thought Leaders, Matt Church is a sought-after corporate speaker who has been awarded the Nevin Award, Australia's most prestigious peer acknowledgement for excellence and service to the speaking industry.
PETER SHEAHAN – Generation Y Expert
Peter is regarded as a global expert on Generation Y. He has delivered more than 2,000 presentations to a combined audience of over 300,000 people in six different countries.
CATHERINE DEVRYE – Best-selling Author
Beginning her career at IBM, Catherine became involved in speaking by default but it soon became a full time passion. Alongside this career she has become a best-selling author of numerous self-help and business related books.
GAVIN BLAKLEY – Former Toastmasters President
Gavin is one of Australia's most experienced communicators. He is the only Australian to be elected International President of Toastmasters International, the world's foremost communication and leadership development organisation
RON TACCHI – Corporate Speaker
Having began his speaking career in the early 70's, Ron has become one of Australia's most successful corporate speakers and has personally trained and coached many of the industries best.

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RON LEE – Corporate Ninja
Using actors' techniques and martial arts, Ron has built a reputation as 'The Corporate Ninja'. Some of his clients include: Hewlett-Packard, Roche, Deloitte, Woolworths, Pfizer, 3Com, ING, Dell, Toyota, Telstra and GlaxoSmithKline
LISA MCINNES SMITH – International Influencer
With over 20 years of speaking experience, Lisa is recognised among the top inspirational speakers in the corporate world. She has spoken in 20 countries and has shared the stage with two American Presidents among others.
BILLY GRAHAM – Boxing Champion
A former New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight boxing champion, Billy has achieved international success through goal setting and determination and has turned common sense into an art form.
CANDY TYMSON – Gender Differences Expert
With a solid background in Public Relations, Candy has developed a name for herself in Gender Differences and is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).
MICHAEL ROWLAND – Personal Development
Michael commenced his self development seminars in 1988 with his wife Paulina, which have now become the most successful in the country, with over 210,000 people attending.
CHRIS REWELL – Image Consultant
Chris Rewell is Australia's leading image professional with 24 years experience in the business of image. She has over 20,000 corporate, community and individual clients and has featured in the media numerous times.
ROBYN HENDERSON – Networking Expert
In 1992, she authored and self-published her first networking book and is now regarded as a 'Global Networking Specialist'. She has written and contributed to more than 25 books on networking, self-esteem and self-promotion.
AMANDA GORE – International Speaker
Now based in the US, Amanda has spoken in every business sector and has keynoted at the Million Dollar Round Table and the National Speakers Association. She is also the author of three books and many DVD learning systems.

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