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So YOU Want A Champion Mindset!

First question: Are you prepared to do whatever it takes?

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And the REAL question is...

Can you make yourself do something you really don't want to do, in order to get a result you would really like to have?

Champion Mindset is in the business of coaching and training winners… just like you!

We Won! She knows her stuff and knows her athletes clearly!

“A special thanks once again to my absolute mentor and inspiration in marathon swimming, Shelley Taylor-Smith. Like before my English Channel swim attempt in September 2011, Shelley very kindly spent some valuable time with me going through what it might take to perform at my best around this course - one which she's personally won no less than a record breaking 5 times - that being said, I never truly believed I could win it, though Shelley had confided with my paddler that she had an inkling that I might - she knows her stuff and knows her athletes clearly!” Paul Newsome, WA - Champion Winner, Annual Manhattan Island 48 km Marathon Swim, 7th June 2013

Shelley Taylor-Smith, Founder & Director, Champion Mindset® Consulting is committed to teaching how-to define your winning code and success strategies for individuals and businesses who want to transform their unique potential into peak performance to:

  Get you (and your team) in your flow – Utilising your best stroke where it is effortless (build on your natural strengths)
  Get you (and your team) clarity and direction – Goggles on, time to defog with focus and purpose (personal goals with timelines)
  Get you (and your team) on top of your blocks – Deal with barriers, eradicate old patterns & dive into life! (look for and resolve those things)

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Success & Performance Coach, Internationally Accredited Extended DISC Behavioural Consultant and International Bestselling Author Shelley Taylor-Smith is an ordinary Australian who achieved extraordinary results.

Using her 30yrs of experience, Shelley helps individuals and business people on performance and lifestyle issues to discover the mental toughness to stay on top of your game despite the daily obstacles you face in your business and career with her every day motto: Get up, Get over it and Get on with it!!

Shelley Taylor-Smith says: "The greatest asset of any champion is not their ability; it is the power of their mind. That is why anyone can be a real achiever once they know how to use their own mind to win."


BONUS REPORT: “Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work & How You Will Achieve Your Goals in 2013 by Shelley Taylor-Smith”

Motivation, Inspiration, Education, or a Kick in the Pants! What do you need?

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The Power of Success e-course is the first program that taught me to STOP, FOCUS and REORGANISE.

"I eliminated my procrastination and sold over 5,000 books! You showed me how to streamline, prioritize my jobs, and taught me that the only thing stopping me was me. The best part is that you made the program so easy to use, understand and implement! Thanks Shelley you changed me for the better."

Sharyn McCaskey - Mdvs Business Services & Events, Western Australia

"I would like to tell you that you are my hero. I have implemented what you taught me in the Champion GPS Success Coaching Program. All I can say to thank you is "You have given me everything" Without changing anything you managed to change everything. I now approach life from a totally different angle and regained a confidence in myself which has influenced all aspects of my life. I am again paddling, catching up with friends before and after work instead of sleeping, I feel inspired every day and have already got that special goal I wanted – you know the one! That’s some top work you did Shelley. You certainly can claim you get results. I am taking my Juice PLUS religiously and think of you every time I gulp them down. Thanks to you I am filled with promise and hope and look forward to charging forward and sucking as much as I can out of everything. Thank you for everything and giving me the knowledge to become me again."

John Paul McLoone, CFS Sufferer now Champion CFS Conqueror, Sydney, NSW

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Open Water Swimming Mastery

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Create Your Own Champion Mindset® & Be Totally Happy Being YOU!

Live it now, Dream no more!

“When looking for someone to motivate the Australian Swim Team I wanted someone with a proven track record of success who would move the team out of their comfort zone. Shelley’s belief in both herself and the team created the best-ever results of an Australian Open Water Swim Team. Shelley's techniques are worth their weight in gold.” Australian Swim Team, Head Coach, Alan Thompson

Set effective goals and achieve your goals easily


Press Release

Shelley Taylor-Smith appointed

Patron of The Esther Foundation



15% of all profits of sales of “Dangerous When Wet” goes to the Esther Foundation

I gotta get a copy of Dangerous When Wet NOW!